• Lufthansa pilots began a two-days strike

    Lufthansa pilots began a two-days strike

    Lufthansa pilots began their strike at midnight . 750 flights were chanceled, including flights to Poland. Cockpit pilots' trade union struggles to preserve the pension privileges. They want to raise the eligibility age for early retirement transition.
  • Terry Pratchett dies at 66

    Terry Pratchett dies at 66

    Terry Pratchett, the British author of fantasy novels, has died in age 66. News about his death - who campaigned during his final illness for legalizing assisted death - came on his Twitter account in a series of tweets written in the style of his Discworld novels, where Death always talks in capital letters.

  • Anti-government protests in Venezuela

    Anti-government protests in Venezuela

    A new wave of brutally repressed by the police manifestation - the situation in Venezuela is becoming more exacerbated. On Tuesday, police killed 14-year-old boy who was in the area of demonstrators. The tragedy occurred in the state of Tachira, which last year was the epicenter of the anti-government protests.

  • Polanski testifies in extradition hearing

    Polanski testifies in extradition hearing

    Filmmaker Roman Polanski testified at a hearing in Poland regarding a U.S. request for his extradition, though the court said it needed more time to make a decision. The court could not make a ruling on Wednesday since it still had to consider additional documents submitted by Polanski's lawyers.
  •  'Ida' wins Foreign-Language Oscar

    'Ida' wins Foreign-Language Oscar

    Paweł Pawlikowski's 'Ida' has won the Academy Award for best Foreign Language Film, making it the first Oscar for a Polish film in this category. There were other Polish nominations for Oscars: 'Joanna', 'Nasza Klątwa', while Anna Biedrzycka-Sheppard was nominated for Best Costume Design.